Beauty & Cosmetology Schools

It is when decision makers, including, but limited to, owners, instructors, staff and more, feel empowered to share information on a platform designed just for them, that will help their beauty school grow, that is when we, at Beauty Educator Today Magazine, feel that our mission will be on its way to being accomplished.


Finally, a voice for the entire community of the beauty education school industry. 


Strengthening the voice for cosmetology schools across the US is what we are in business to achieve. If your school is newly developed, operating or already achieved national accredited, Beauty Educator Today Magazine will continue to aim in assisting your school leadership with effective ways to grow admissions, thrive as a business, and at the same time, provide the highest quality educational experience for students. We will do this by sharing valuable information from leaders in beauty and education and hearing what students want and need to receive “quality” education. Within our print publication and digital communication platforms, this is core material you will find written by our team of experts and contributing writers from within the industry.  are some of the examples of what our writing team will use as the core of material for its publication.