Articles By BET Editorial Team

Why are Stylist and Hair Training Institutions Failing to Train Graduates of Their Programs to Provide Services to A Multicultural Clientele?

After spending several years in Salt Lake City, Utah, and completing training in the beauty industry in Utah, I was amazed by the ethnic division in providing services in hair and beauty. I started to think back to what I had learned from growing up and quickly realized that hair stylists have rarely branched out to provide services across….Read More

Intern Feature!

I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to expand my familiarity of the area.More so, what intrigued me about the internship stems from my deep respect for innovative business start-ups. I think providing a resource to beauty educators as a creative way to encourage connectedness and community is incredible, and I am ecstatic that I get to be part of the process!“….Read More

Positive Ways to Manage an Effective Remote Work Team and How to Be a Valuable Member of a Remote Work Team

When I started a magazine in the beauty industry, I immediately knew that having a traditional office setting would not be an effective style of leadership that I aspired to be in charge of. After working in management for years, I always said that if I were ever in charge a business that required a key to open the front door and/or posted….Read More

The Power of Print.

I always get an interesting reaction when I tell people that I work for a magazine; it is equal parts intrigue and equal parts disbelief. People reacts as if magazines are obsolete, a thing of the past, and that I have simple made up this job role. However, they also seem to immediately have many questions ….Read More